Turn your Photos and Music into

stunning Still Motion Videos with Ease.

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Still motion videos consist of photos that are shown for the fraction of a second - though not to be confused with stop motion where photos necessarily correlate with each other to create the illusion of movement.

  1. -Create high-quality still motion videos up to 1080p

  2. -Briefly can automatically choose the best resolution for you, based on the smallest photo to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of black borders

  3. -Briefly detects if a soundtrack is too long and fades it out accordingly at the end of your video

  4. -Sort photos by color for an amazing gradient effect

  5. -Import Photos from your Flickr and Instagram Accounts

  6. -Share your videos on popular services like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and flickr right from within Briefly

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Briefly helps you create still motion videos (wikipedia), a neat and fun way to show hundreds and hundreds of your photos within a few minutes.