Usage Tips for getting the most

out of Yoink for Mac

OS X Lion 10.7.3 or newer required

Tip #1 - Force a Copy / Move Operation

Just like in Finder, you can copy files out of Yoink instead of moving them.

Yoink for Mac
OS X Lion 10.7.3 or newer required

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Usage Tips
Press Kit

Hold down the option key (⌥) on your keyboard while dragging until you release the mouse button, then the file(s) will be copied instead of moved.

For forcing a move operation, keep the

command key (⌘) pressed instead.

Tip #2 - Select All Files

Because Yoink doesn’t have keyboard focus, cmd-a to select all files doesn’t work.

Force Click onto one file to select all files.

Alternatively, double-click onto one file in Yoink while keeping the option key (⌥) on your keyboard pressed should you not have a

Force Touch capable trackpad.

Tip #3 - Add Files to Yoink with a Keyboard Shortcut

Yoink offers an OS X service that lets you add selected files via a contextual menu, available via a right-click onto a file in Finder.

You can also use a keyboard shortcut (by default, ctrl-option-cmd-x) to achieve the same thing. It can be changed in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services.

Tip #4 - Reveal Files in Finder

Right-click onto a Stack or file to identify individual files inside it.

Select a file to reveal it in Finder.

Press the option key (⌥) to copy the file path.

Tip #5 - Add Files from Terminal

You can add files to Yoink from the Terminal. Use the command ‘open -a Yoink /path/p/file’.

See this blog post for more details and how to make it even simpler with a command alias.

Tip #6 - Send PDFs from Print-Dialogs to Yoink

To send PDFs from Print dialogs to Yoink, create an alias of Yoink in /Users/yourname/Library/PDF Services/Yoink.app

If the folder ‘PDF Services’ doesn’t exist, create it manually.

You can rename the alias to something like “Add PDF to Yoink”.

Tip #7 - Create titled Calendar events from eMails

Dragging a mail (eml) file from Yoink onto an event in Calendar attaches the mail to that event.

To create a new event from the mail, keep the option key (⌥) pressed as you drag the mail out.

Tip #8 - Add Mail Attachments to Yoink using Automator

By using Automator, you can easily add multiple attachments from multiple mails quickly and easily.

This blog post explains how you can set it up using Automator (and add a keyboard shortcut).

Tip #9 - Send Screenshots to Yoink using Automator

Yoink accepts any file from Finder, which makes it easy to use with Automator.

This blog post explains how to capture a selective screenshot directly to Yoink - using AppleScript, Automator and Yoink.

Tip #10 - Bring back previously removed files to Yoink

Besides being able to pin files to Yoink (by clicking the little ‘lock’ button next to the file), you can bring back files you previously moved out of Yoink (by accident or not ;) )

Just keep Yoink’s keyboard shortcut pressed (by default, F5) or right-click onto Yoink’s window:

This will allow you to copy or move those files somewhere else all over again, without having to drag them back to Yoink beforehand.