Requires macOS 10.10 Yosemite
macOS 10.15 Catalina recommended

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Yoink for Mac - Usage Tips

The following tips help you get the most out of Yoink for Mac.

Tip #1
Force Copy, Force Move

Sometimes you might want to copy a file, or make sure a file is moved instead of copied. Yoink behaves the same way as the Finder here:
- To force a copy of a file, keep the option key (⌥) on your keyboard pressed during the entire drag operation
- To force a move of a file, keep the command key (⌘) on your keyboard pressed during the entire drag operation


Tip #2
Quickly Select all Files

To quickly select all files in Yoink, you can either:
- Force click onto a file in Yoink or
- Press the option key (⌥) on your keyboard and double-click onto a file in Yoink


Tip #3
Add Files to Yoink with a Keyboard Shortcut

Yoink offers a macOS system service - available to you in the Finder’s contextual menu -  with which you can add files to Yoink without dragging them.
For this system service, you can set up a keyboard shortcut so you can add selected files in Finder to Yoink even easier.

In System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services, find “Add Selected Files to Yoink”, select it and set up a keyboard shortcut for it.


Tip #4
Reveal Files in Finder

Right-click onto a Stack to reveal its files. Select one to show it in Finder.
Right-click onto a file and select Show in Finder.


Tip #5
Add Files from Terminal.app

Add files to Yoink from Terminal.app using this command:
open -a Yoink /path/to/file

See this blog post for more details and how to make it even simpler using a command alias.


Tip #6
Send PDFs from Print-Dialogs to Yoink

To send PDFs from Print dialogs to Yoink, create an alias of Yoink in /Users/yourname/Library/PDF Services/Yoink.app.
If the folder ‘PDF Services’ doesn’t exist, you can create it manually.
Rename the resulting alias file of Yoink.app to anything you wish, like “Add PDF to Yoink”.


Tip #7
Create titled Calendar Events from eMails

Dragging a mail (eml) file from Yoink onto an event in Calendar attaches the mail to that event.
To create a new event from the mail, keep the option key (⌥) pressed as you drag the mail out.


Tip #8
Add Mail Attachments to Yoink

Using Automator, you can easily add multiple attachments from multiple mails quickly and easily.
This blog post explains how you can set it up using Automator (and add a keyboard shortcut).


Tip #9
Send Screenshots to Yoink

Yoink accepts any file from Finder, which makes it easy to use with Automator.
This blog post explains how to capture a selective screenshot directly to Yoink - using AppleScript, Automator and Yoink.


Tip #10
Bring back previously removed files

Aside from being able to pinning files to Yoink (by clicking the ‘lock’ button next to each file), you can bring back files you previousy moved out of, or removed from Yoink.
To do that, just press Yoink’s keyboard shortcut (by default, F5) for about one second.


Tip #11
Add Yoink to Finder's Toolbar

Drag Yoink to your Finder window’s toolbar (keep the command-key (⌘) on your keyboard pressed).
Now you can drag any file to it - in any Finder window.


Tip #12
Drag to Yoink’s Menu Bar Icon

Another way to add files, or app-content, to Yoink is to drag them to its icon in your menu bar.


Tip #13
Keep Shift (⇧) pressed to copy as plain text

In Yoink’s Clipboard History Today Widget, as well as in Yoink’s contextual menu, keep the shift key (⇧) on your keyboard pressed to copy (formatted) text items as plain text, removing all formatting.

Tip #14
Save or download files directly into Yoink

With the help of an Automator action (download), you can make Yoink pick up any file added to a specific folder.
See this blog post for further info.

Tip #15
Quickly grab your clipboard’s contents

If you have someting on your clipboard that you’d like to store in Yoink, there are three ways to do it:
1) The Clipboard History Today Widget
2) Right-clicking into Yoink’s window
or 3) double-press Yoink’s keyboard shortcut (by default, F5)