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About Citator

From time to time in life you stumble upon quotes and passages of text, that are worth remembering.
Citator is an app that helps you to capture these memorable quotes and find them again.

It was developed in the tradition of independent iOS apps, utilizing the latest technologies and adhering to the design guidlines by Apple. 
This gives it a native and coherent look, while being easy to use. 

As of now Citator is available for iOS and iPadOS, future versions are planed for macOS and watchOS. 


  • Clean & minimal design
    100% SwiftUI - designed for iOS and iPadOS

  • Easy Capture
    Quotes can be captured via manual input, paste and camera

  • Ratings & Favorites
    5 Star ratings and Favorites make it easy to curate

  • Metdata
    Who said it where and when and

  • Share
    Effortless sharing via iOS share sheet

  • Widget
    Showcase quotes both on the Homescreen and Lockscreen 

Coming soon

  • Sync
    Built-in iCloud sync allows you to store all quotes and metadata in the cloud hassle-free.

Made with ❤️
by Matthias and Clemens in Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹