Eternal Storms Software - Privacy Policy

1) General Information
• The website, its domains and sub-domains are registered with and stored by, They’re located in Germany, Europe, part of the European Economic Area (EEA)
• Privacy Policy
• I do not sell or give away any personal information to others and thus your data will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have consented explicitly to such a disclosure (i.e., my newsletter), or where there is a legal requirement for this to happen
• When you send email to an address ending in or, those mails are stored with
• Updates to this privacy policy will be announced on the webiste/blog and the newsletter, as well as on twitter

2) Yoink for Mac (macOS), iPad and iPhone (iOS), and its extensions (keyboard, Share/Action extension, Today Widget, File Provider)
• No information is collected when you use Yoink for Mac, iPad or iPhone, or its extensions (the keyboard, the Share/Action extension, the Today Widget and the File Provider)
• In Yoink for iOS, your internet connection is used only for creating previews of websites or map locations, or for navigating to / previewing URLs stored in Yoink
• In Yoink for macOS, your internet connection is used when you subscribe to my newsletter or if you opt-in to 
• Regarding Yoink for iPad/iPhone’s keyboard extension and “Full Access”:
“Full Access”, as it is called in iOS, is required for Yoink’s Keyboard Extension explicitly so that it can communicate with its parent application - Yoink. That is necessary so that items you add to the Yoink main app are available to the keyboard extension and can be copied/pasted. Other functionality available to the extension due to “full access”, like using an internet connection, is not used by Yoink’s keyboard extension
• Yoink’s Keyboard extension does not connect to the internet

3) Transloader
• Transloader uses an internet connection to save URLs you add to it in your iCloud account so that they can be downloaded on your Mac
• I have no access to that data, nor does anyone else but you
• Apple Legal Information

4) Newsletter
• I offer a newsletter you can subscribe to, using the MailChimp mailing service
• The newsletter contains information about new, upcoming and updated apps, as well as other relevant information like promotions or usage tips
You can subscribe to it here (sign-up is double-opt-in, meaning you’ll have to confirm your email address before your subscription to the newsletter is completed)
You can unsubscribe from it here
• Subscribing and unsubscribing happens on MailChimp’s servers
• As stated in point 1) above, I do not sell or give away any personal information to others, and thus it will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have given explicit consent to such a disclosure, or where there is a legal requirement for this to happen
• Your email address is only used for the purpose of my newsletter
• MailChimp stores your data in the US
• Data stored by MailChimp may include your email address, date and time of signup and confirmation, your IP address and your full name
• MailChimp uses that data for analytic purposes and newsletter mailings on my behalf and may also use that data to optimize and improve their services (i.e. technical optimization of distribution and portrayal of the newsletter, or for economic reasons, to find out what countries recipients are located in)
• MailChimp does not use that data to contact subscribers themselves, nor give away any data to third parties
• I trust in the reliability and data security measures of MailChimp. They participate in the EU-U.S. “Privacy Shield”, and I’ve agreed to their “Data Processing Agreement”, an agreement wherein MailChimp agrees to secure customers’ data and process it within the bounds of their privacy policy, and - most importantly - not give away any data to third parties
• In some cases, I direct recipients of the newsletter to MailChimp’s websites (for example, the newsletter contains a link to read it online in case of issues with the email client; or if a recipient would like to correct their data; also their legal information is only reachable on their sites)
So I’d like to inform you that MailChimp uses cookies, by which personal data is processed by MailChimp, their partners and their used services. I have no influence on that collection and processing of data
• MailChimp Legal Information

5) Apple 3rd Party Program
• To 'Apple, Inc.' and 'McShark Austria' employees, I currently offer Yoink for Mac for free
• For an Apple employee to activate their free copy of Yoink for Mac, they need to enter their eMail address, ending in (or similar)
• Activation is double-opt-in, meaning you’ll have to confirm your email address before the activation is complete; the mail contains a link to delete any data from the server
• The eMail is submitted via the internet (via https) from your Mac to my provider’s server for checking and processing
• Neither your eMail, nor any other personal information (like IP or geo location) are stored on my provider's server
• For activation purposes, a salted hash of your email, a timestamp of the activation, and the number of new activations (3 are allowed) are stored on my provider’s server; nothing else
• From time to time, this "3rd party build" of Yoink "calls home” (via https) to check for validity of the email to keep the activation valid; as it’s only a check, nothing is stored in addition to what was stored at the initial activation

Last update: April 3rd, 2018
- Matthias Gansrigler, Eternal Storms Software