Eternal Storms Software - Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a great concern to me. Read below to see that Eternal Storms Software does not collect any data from you aside from newsletter subscriptions and when you use my Apple 3rd Party program available for Apple employees.

Collection of Personal Information
I DO NOT COLLECT ANY INFORMATION THAT YOU TYPE USING YOINK’S KEYBOARD EXTENSION NOR ANYTHING YOU ADD TO YOINK FOR IPAD OR MAC, other than when you subscribe to my newsletter or use my Apple 3rd Party program. I don’t collect any information in my other apps as well - URLs you add to Transloader for downloading on your Mac are stored in iCloud, for example, and I do not have access to that data as it’s not publicly shared.

When you allow full access for Yoink’s keyboard extension, you may be warned that the keyboard can be used to “transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard.” This is the standard warning message for all third-party input methods, however Yoink’s Keyboard Extension does not collect any personal information or transmit such information to a server or a third party.

Disclosure of Personal Information
As I do not collect any personal information, your personal information is safe and will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have consented explicitly to such a disclosure, or where there is a legal requirement for this to happen.

Access Required and Usage
“Full Access”, as it is called in iOS, is only required for Yoink’s Keyboard Extension so that it can communicate with its parent application - Yoink for iPad.
That is necessary so that items you add to the Yoink main app are available to its keyboard extension.

Internet Usage
There are a couple of instances where Yoink connects to the internet. When you add a URL to Yoink and you have the according setting in Yoink’s settings enabled, an internet connection is established to create a preview of the website. The same goes for Map locations. Also, when you tap a web or map location in Yoink for iPad, a fullscreen preview of that website or map location is created, also requiring an internet connection.
Those connections, however, happen between your device and the website URL or Apple’s Maps servers (please refer to Apple Maps’ Terms of Use for further information).
At no time is any connection made to my server (unless you add a link to my website to Yoink) or any data transmitted to me.

Policy Changes
Any changes to this policy will be posted to an update of the App. You are advised to regularly view our most recent privacy policy.