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Yoink for iPad and iPhone -
Usage Tips

How to get the most out of Yoink on your iPad and iPhone


Tip #1

Data Representations

Items like text snippets, or even images, sometimes contain multiple representations of the data, like plain text and RTF, or JPEG and PNG.

If you’d like to drag out or copy one particular type instead of all of them together (where the receiving app will take the representation it prefers), tap the … button at the lower right of an item and select Info.
This will list all representations. Tap one to copy it, or drag it out.


Tip #2

Filters and Searching

With many items in Yoink, filtering and searching becomes very important.
To quickly filter for a specific file type (say, you’re looking for an image), tap Showing All in the middle of Yoink’s toolbar and select the filter you’d like to apply.
Searching is even more powerful. Tap the Search icon at the top right and you’ll be able to search by title, content, and apply a type filter.


Tip #3


You can access Yoink’s settings in the Settings.app.
To get there, either:
1) tap Edit at the top right in Yoink and tap the gears icon at the top left, or
2) long-press onto Yoink’s navigation bar and select Settings…, or
3) launch Settings.app and scroll to Yoink in the list to the left

In Yoink’s settings, you can customize a lot of Yoink’s functionality, like whether multi-file-drags should automatically form a stack, if clipboard content should be automatically saved in Yoink, or after how many days Yoink’s Trash should be emptied.


Tip #4

Drag to Trash, Share or Copy

When you start dragging a file in Yoink, the toolbar will turn into a quick access bar, allowing you to quickly Copy, Share or Delete files.


Tip #5

Locking and unlocking files

By default, files in Yoink are locked, which means they remain in Yoink when you drag them out of the app.
Tap the lower left lock icon to unlock files. Now files you drag out of Yoink are moved to the Trash (or deleted right away, depending on your settings).


Tip #6

URL Schemes

Aside from iOS 12’s Siri Shortcuts, you can also communicate with Yoink from other apps using the following URL Scheme:


pastefromclipboard - pastes the current contents of your clipboard to Yoink
- title: optional; percent-escaped string
- createStack: optional; 1 or 0 (yes or no). If not specified, the default is used
++ Example:

copytoclipboard - copies the specified item to the clipboard
- index: mandatory; index of item in Yoink, 0 is the topmost in Yoink
++ Example:
yoinkios://copytoclipboard?index=0 //0 is the topmost item

showdownloadui - shows the download ui. Does not call back to the calling app (x-success and x-error are not called)
No parameters.
++ Example:

downloadurl - downloads the specified URL in Yoink
- url: mandatory; the percent-escaped url to download
++ Example:

addstring - saves the specified string in Yoink
- string: mandatory; the percent-escaped string to save in Yoink
- title: optional; the percent-escaped title for this item
++ Example:

Tip #7

Using Slide-Over and Split View

You can use Yoink on iPad simultaneously with other apps, using Slide-Over or Split View.
Drag Yoink’s icon onto the running app and it will appear as a Slide-Over app, easily accessable and dismissable, for whenever you need it.

Read the blog post for more info.

Read Blog Post

Tip #8 (iOS 16.1 and newer)

Always Allow Paste Operations for the Clipboard Monitor

If you’re tired of having to confirm every copy operation to be saved in Yoink with its Clipboard Monitor active, in Settings.app, select Yoink > Paste from Other Apps > Allow.
For a more detailed explanation, see this blog post.