Yoink for iPad and iPhone
Usage Tips

Usage Tips for getting the most out of Yoink for iPad and iPhone.

Tip #1 - Drag out a specific type

Items like text snippets often contain different representations of the contents, like RTF or plain text.

If you’d like to drag out one particular type instead of all of them together (the receiving app decides which representation to use in those cases), double-tap the item, select ‘Representations' and select the representation you’re interested in.

Tip #2 - Filters

If you store a lot of items in Yoink, you can filter for a specific type to make it easier to find a specific one.

Tap “Showing All” to reveal the content-dependent filter options. When you select a filter, only items of that type will be shown.

Tip #3 - Settings

Check out Yoink’s settings in iOS’ Settings.app

It offers you a couple of options to customize your experience with the app.

Tip #4 - Drag to Trash

Besides tapping Edit in the top right corner and deleting items that way, there’s a quicker way for removing items.

Just drag the item(s) to the Trash in the lower right corner - done.

Tip #5 - Locking / Unlocking

The Lock button in the lower left corner of Yoink has two states: Locked, and unlocked.

When it’s locked, files you drag out of Yoink aren’t removed from Yoink, but remain in the app.
When it’s unlocked, files you drag out of Yoink are moved to the Trash afterwards.

Tip #6 - URL Schemes

Communicate with Yoink from other applications by using the following URL scheme:

pastefromclipboard - 
pastes the current contents of your clipboard to Yoink
- title: optional; percent-escaped string
- createStack: optional; 1 or 0 (yes or no). If not specified, the default is used
++ Example:

copytoclipboard - copies the specified item to the clipboard
- index: mandatory; index of item in Yoink, 0 is the topmost in Yoink
++ Example:
yoinkios://copytoclipboard?index=0 //0 is the topmost item

showdownloadui - shows the download ui. Does not call back to the calling app (x-success and x-error are not called)
No parameters.
++ Example:

downloadurl - downloads the specified URL in Yoink
- url: mandatory; the percent-escaped url to download
++ Example:

addstring - saves the specified string in Yoink
- string: mandatory; the percent-escaped string to save in Yoink
- title: optional; the percent-escaped title for this item
++ Example: