ScreenFloat – Power up your Screenshots

for Mac

A screenshot is just a screenshot. Until you use ScreenFloat.

ScreenFloat is a one-time purchase on the Mac App Store.
The app requires macOS Monterey 12.0 or newer (macOS 14 Sonoma recommended).
Currently localized into English, German, Dutch and Chinese (Simplified).

ScreenFloat is part of the ESS Productivity Bundle (25% off ScreenFloat, Yoink and Transloader).

Download the Press Kit here.

With ScreenFloat, you can capture and record your screen in various ways, and re-capture previous areas effortlessly.
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Capture Screenshots

Start a selective screenshot capture with ScreenFloat’s keyboard shortcut (by default, command ⌘ - shift ⇧ - 2), from its icon in the menu bar, or from the Capture Control widget.
Select the area you’d like to capture, or press the space bar to capture windows directly.

Tip – OCR: While you can always copy (and quicksmart-redact) lines of text and contents of barcodes from shots you capture after the fact, there will be situations where you just want to quickly copy text, or barcodes that you can’t select. For this, start a capture and hold down command ⌘ - control ^ until you release the mouse button - any recognized text and barcodes will be copied to your clipboard right away.

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Record your Screen

Start recording an area of your screen your screen with ScreenFloat’s keyboard keyboard shortcut (by default, option ⌥ - shift ⇧ - 2), from its icon in the menu bar, or from the Capture Control widget.
In addition to recording your screen, ScreenFloat can record your Mac’s audio output and input.
You can also highlight your mouse cursor, clicks, and even key presses.

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Capture Timed Screenshots

Start a timed screenshot with ScreenFloat’s keyboard shortcut (by default, control ^ - shift ⇧ - 2), from its icon in the menu bar, or from the Capture Control widget.
Timed screenshots can be useful for capturing things that need preparation to be captured, like perhaps menu items.

Tip – Timer Intervals: You can change the countdown timer interval in ScreenFloat’s settings, or on-the-fly by holding down the option ⌥ key and dragging from ScreenFloat’s menu bar icon.

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Re-Capture Areas

Press-and-hold any of the keyboard shortcuts to re-capture the previously selected capture area.
Alternatively, you can re-capture areas of specific shots by right-clicking them and selecting Capture Shot Again.
This way, you don’t have to painstakingly re-frame the shot, and can adjust it to your liking.

Tip – Save Frames, Aspect Ratios: Right-click the re-capture area to save or call up often-used frames, or set specific aspect ratios.

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Import Images, Videos and Text

From ScreenFloat’s menu bar icon, you can create shots from your clipboard (from images, videos and text), or import them form your iOS devices.
Right-click files in Finder and select Open With > ScreenFloat; or Share > ScreenFloat, for more import options.
You can also drag files onto the Shots Browser directly.

Tip – Drag to the Menu Bar Icon: Drag images, videos or selected text to ScreenFloat’s icon in your menu bar to import them. ScreenFloat comes with a System Service to create shots from selected text in any app.

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Shots you capture float above all windows to help you keep things in sight and mind.
They’re scanned for text, faces and barcodes for easy extraction, viewing and quicksmart redaction.
Pick colors. Run custom double-click workflows.
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Picture-in-Picture for your
Screenshots and Recordings

"One floating shot is worth a hundred on your Desktop", as the saying I just coined right now goes.
But it’s true - since I first developed this app over 12 years ago, my customers and I have grown used to being able to keep anything visible on screen - either as reference material, or a reminder, or to copy information from one app to another.
When you capture something with ScreenFloat, it floats above all windows, so it’s always visible - in every space and (fullscreen) app.
Think of it as Picture-in-Picture for your screenshots.

Tip – Shot Visibility: You can easily hide floating shots when they’re in the way, and unhide them again when you need them. Pin Shots to specific Spaces, or pin them to specific apps so they're only visible when that app is frontmost.

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Color Picker

Option ⌥ - right-click onto a floating Shot to pick colors.
Copy their hex, RGB, float or HSL values, copy a color sample image, or drag the color to a target right away.
Recently picked colors can be accessed from the color picker, and ScreenFloat’s widgets.

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Double-Click Workflows

You may find yourself repeatedly doing the same things over and over, like de-retinizing, cropping and annotating a shot before attaching it to an eMail. Or adding shots to your favorites and certain folders.

With a double-click workflow, you can automate this – and much more, like running custom AppleScripts or Siri Shortcuts – into a single double-click onto the floating shot.
Set up multiple double-click workflows for different mouse buttons and different modifier keys.

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Easily extract, view, copy and redact information like texts, faces and barcodes.
Crop, “fold", resize, “de-retinize”, rotate, trim and mute your shots. Add annotations and markup.
> Learn all about Editing Shots

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Extract, Copy, View and QuickSmart-Redact
Texts, Barcodes and Faces

- Copy and redact all text, or individual lines with a simple right-click.
- Quickly redact individual or all faces in a Shot with a simple right-click.
- Easily view or save the contents of barcodes (supports URLs, text, calendar events, vCards, and more)

Tip – Non-destructive redaction: All redactions, in fact all annotations and markup you add, are non-destructive, which means you can always change or remove them.

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Annotate and Markup

ScreenFloat offers an extensive list of tools to annotate, markup and redact your shots, each adjustable in color, shape, line-thickness and style.
Again, all annotations and redactions are non-destructive and can be changed and removed at any time.

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Crop and “Fold"

Crop Shots to your desired dimensions (or fixed aspect ratios, like 16:9, or 4:3).

“Fold” shots to remove vertical or horizontal middle sections from images, and stitch the remaining two parts back together - very useful for removing extraneous empty spaces, for example.

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Resize, Rotate, "De-Retinize"

You can resize and rotate your Shots.
“De-retinize” them to lower their resolutions, i.e. from 144dpi to 72dpi to reduce their file sizes before sharing.

Tip – MetalFX Upscaling: Resize your images up using the MetalFX Spatial Upscaler for improved results.

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Trim, Cut, and Remove Audio

Trim the beginnings and endings of video recordings.
Remove individual audio tracks (system- and microphone audio).
Cut out sections of your recordings, or just remove parts of the video’s individual audio tracks.

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Drag and drop floating shots to other apps as-is right away, or change their file format, quality and dimensions on-the-fly.
Create shareable, downloadable and embeddable links for your shots.
Export Shots in your desired file format, quality settings, and more.
> Learn all about Sharing from ScreenFloat

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Drag and Drop

Sharing shots to other apps could not be easier: just drag and drop it to the destination window, and you’re done.
If you require a different file format, or want to drag an image without annotations, or at a different size, ScreenFloat has you covered as well.

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Link Sharing

Use iCloud Links to share a download link instead of large (or multiple) shots.
Use ScreenFloat’s ImageKit and Cloudinary integration to create permanent, shareable and embeddable links for your shots.

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Copy, Export

Naturally, you can also copy shots – as file paths, or as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PDF and HEIC data.
Export Shots for greater control over formatting, quality, dimensions, metadata, and more.

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Your Shots are stored in the Shots Browser, where you can organize, collect, name, tag, rate, favorite and find them.
Synchronize your Shots across your Macs over iCloud.
> Learn all about Storing in ScreenFloat