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Introducing Transloader 3

Start downloads on your Macs - remotely from your iPhone, iPad, and other Macs.





Yoink for Mac

Speed up your workflows

Yoink improves your workflows by providing a shelf for your files.
When you drag a file in Finder, or app-content (like an image from a website), Yoink appears at the edge of your screen, where it will hold any files you drag to it until you need them again.
It’s much easier to navigate to the destination of your files without having to keep your mouse button pressed the entire time.

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Yoink for iPad and iPhone

Your files and snippets shelf

Store anything you can drag, copy, share or download and sync it across your iOS devices, or use Handoff to transfer them to (and from) your Macs.
Deeply integrated into iPadOS and iOS, this beloved utility will keep your files and snippets and allows you to access them whenever they’re needed, via the app itself, its Widget, its custom keyboard, Siri Shortcuts, and its integration.

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Put your screenshots to good use

With ScreenFloat, you create screenshots that float above all other windows, Spaces or (fullscreen) apps you work in.
This allows you to keep information always visible, so you don’t have to switch around between apps or windows to enter IBAN numbers, or compare images.

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Start downloads on your Macs -
remotely from your iPad, iPhone, and other Macs

Apple just released a new Xcode beta, but you’re not in front of your Mac?
You’ve stumbled across an awesome Mac app demo browsing on your iPhone and want to download it on your Mac right away?
No problem. Use Transloader to assign the link to your desired Mac and it will start the download right away.

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Your photos. Your music. Your story.

With Glimpses, you can create Still Motion Videos with just a few clicks.
Add your photos, a soundtrack or two, and you’re done.
Glimpses will do the rest - it frames your photos in a way that faces aren’t cut off, composits the soundtracks together and fades it out at the end and renders the video in up to 4K resolution.

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flickr the Mac way.

flickery lets you manage your flickr photos the Mac way.
Upload and download photos or videos, manage your galleries and favorites, browse and search for others’ photos, and more!

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Control your Mac with your Apple TV Siri Remote

SiriMote connects your Apple TV Siri Remote and allows you to control your Mac with it. Any app that reacts to your Mac’s media keys can be controlled, like Music, QuickTime Player, VLC or Keynote, but also PowerPoint, Preview and Photos.

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Forgot to click ‘Start streaming’ in Get BackLog.

The hard work should come after, not *be* getting the logs.

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Mac Productivity Bundle

Yoink for Mac, ScreenFloat and Transloader

Save 25% by purchasing Yoink for Mac, ScreenFloat and Transloader together, with the Eternal Storms Software Productivity Bundle, available on the Mac App Store!